Big truck oil change           Commercial Vehicles 

  • Fleet Trucks Full Service                                                                            

  Light truck Gas engine pick ups , vans and cubes

16 point Oil Change- Tire pressure and fluids topped off                                                              
Oil Change (up to 6 qts.) Recycling and Oil Filter  $42.50
$3.49 per additional Qt 

  • Tire Replacement   starting at $24.95
  • Truck Mount small engines

Oil changes starting at $39.95

  • Diesel or Gas HD Trucks Only labor pricing shown.• Oil Change Includes: Oil Change and Recycling, plus complete greasing, replacement of oil filters, and gearbox and differential inspection.
Diesels or gas pick-up, vans and cubes starting at $59.95
Straight Trucks $79.95
Semi Trucks starting at $99.95


  • Cab Generators, Generators-Labor only starting at- $35.95

Bulk Oil Install (Shell Super Heavy-Duty 15w40) $2.89 per quart
Replacement Fuel Filter, installed $15.00 each

    • Other Services – Fleet Vehicles and Trucks
      Fleet Truck Tire Rotation or Replacement starting at $37.95
      Straight/Semi-Truck Rotation or Replacement starting at $49.95
      Differential Gear Oil Replacement starting at $59.95
  • Transmission Service-no supplies Starting at $89.95


    Electrical, Brakes, Shocks, minor repair (per hour) $104
    DOT Inspections starting at $100
    DOT Decals $3.95

                                                                                 Discount Pricing Programs Available for Fleet Services
                                                                                  Ask About Discount Tire Pricing and Installation, too!