Group Plan’s for Businesses and Institutions that works for you

                                                                                The Group Plan Pricing is structured for for Corporate,  Businesses and institutions Only
busineess and itny

       Fortune 500’s, School’s, any type office building with any number of employee’s

With $3.00 per service going to your business and $2.00 off the regular OMG Oil change price for empoyee’s,  this is a real value to you and your employee’s. No savings limit here.   

“Ask how to get an even lower price for your employee’s”

763-327-5521  or email

This can all be done with your Employee not missing a beat of work, by not stepping
away from the desk and with the pay online process it will keep you and your business
running smoothly!  All as I ask of you is to set a side a special place for all of
the work to be done in the lot. For worry free service at and for your location we carry a
$1,000,000 insurance policy that covers both medical and physical liability. We also have
certificates on request, with your Business name included on it. This is a proven, coveted
service at other corporate facilities and with references upon request. While having
a casual day as a routine breaker, this can be an additional refresher and benifit for your
employees. “It’s not all what your employee can do for you and the money, stop and smell the roses, they will love this” (JFK,THS).

             “Worry free Service, we carry a $1,000,000 dollar medical and liability Insurance policy”